Check out this great French language article from #Montreal‘s LaPresse newspaper about Thomas Raymond’s journey from sighted hockey to Blind Hockey superstar. Click the photo above to direct you to the article.
The article details how he first experienced vision loss after a collision in minor hockey at the age of fifteen, which ultimately led to a diagnosis of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON).
Once diagnosed, Thomas learned to use adaptive technology and was able to return to his Sports Academy High School where he continued to develop his high-end hockey skills by participating with his sighted team in practices only. From there he learned about the Para sport of #Blind #Hockey through les Hiboux de Montréal and the rest is history!
Thomas says he models his play after Montreal Canadians forward  Josh Anderson is a proud member of the Canadian National Blind Hockey Team and is studying to become a fitness trainer.
The author credits Thomas’s attitude and dedication to perseverance in overcoming his vision loss. As Thomas says about being faced with challenges in life: “you can choose to pity yourself or you can get back up!”
The article then goes on to feature an explanation of the adapted rules of the Para sport of Blind Hockey, the history of the sport, and the philosophy of Les Hiboux de Montréal.
As long-time Hiboux President Gilles Ouellet explains: The Hiboux have a social mission to integrate people who are blind or partially sighted into the Para sport of Hockey. We love to say Les Hiboux Blind Hockey changes lives!
“I think what helps a lot is your level of resilience,” Gilles adds. If the person who is going through this has a good level of resilience and a good support network, they will succeed in making it through.” Just like Thomas.
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